Meet Ramón L. Cruz-Colon - Regional Sales Director at Midland National

“I concentrate on recruiting and training financial professionals in Puerto Rico and helping them build their business with Midland National’s life insurance products.”
Ramón Cruz-Colon is bilingual and has deep roots in his territory and the insurance industry. He is able to easily communicate with his clients and effectively translate Midland National’s offering to meet the specific needs of the people of Puerto Rico.
“Part of my role is to help build trust with prospects and clients in their native language. Insurance professionals trust in my ability to help them learn and sell life insurance in Puerto Rico. In that respect, there is real value to Midland National products.”

About Ramón

Ramón serves as Regional Sales Director for Midland National, recruiting and training financial professionals in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, since 2013. Ramón’s primary focus is to help local producers build their successful practice through various training initiatives and by offering Midland National’s quality life insurance product line for the territory.

Ramón provides life insurance sales solutions to financial professionals in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Ramón’s depth of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry has allowed him to position life insurance to fit many different needs in his territory. He holds regular kickoff meetings and educational workshops for producers, and prides himself on providing agent level support for independents. Partnering with Ramón is one way a financial professional can grow their business using quality life insurance products within the Puerto Rican marketplace.


Ramón joined Midland National in 2013 and serves as Regional Sales Director, recruiting and training agents and producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Before joining Midland National, Ramón served as Comisionado (Chief Regulator) for the Oficina Comisionado de Seguros (Insurance Business in Puerto Rico) for four years. Ramón got his start in the business in the property and casualty side of the insurance industry, working for two other providers in Puerto Rico.


Ramón lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico near his two grown children, and one grandson, Lennon. He adores his grandson and enjoys spending time with him bowling and teaching him how to play his first guitar. Ramón was a performing musician for many years, and he still plays the guitar for leisure.

Contact Ramón L. Cruz-Colon

Ramón L. Cruz-Colon

Regional Sales Director

PO Box 194000 PMB 293
San Juan, PR 00919-4000